Dobra Food

Dobra Food is a brand of canned and frozen dinners, broths, and poultry made for the EuroCanada market. The canned dinner business is currently owned by Hadden Nutrition. Current canned dinner products sold under the brand include Dobra Food Premium can dinners and pot pies, and the current broth lineup includes “Meat and veggies”, althouth, the cans have a disclaimer saying “*May not contain real meat and/or vegeatables”. Premium is currently No. 1 canned food source in EuroCanada.

It was first introduced in 2023 and gained popularity worldwide after its use in EuroCanada - by 2025, Premium was sold in 41 countries on six continents and trademarked in over 100 countries (except in Middle East and North Africa). In 2027, the 3 billionth can of Premium was sold.
Premium is mostly vegetables with rise and meat, but testing in 2025 proved that Dobra Food’s Premium contained 0% or 1% of meat. 100 cans were tested in a health laboratory in Switzerland. Huge controversy ensued and ultimately Hadden Science was forced to put a disclaimer on the cans of the product saying that the cans may or may not contain real meat. Since meat is hard to get by 2025, it was inevitable. However, the controversy had no impact on the sales rates and popularity of Premium since it is extremely cheap brand of food and a base for nutrition for most of EuroCanada population.

General info
Dobra Food official logotype

Type: Frozen food company
Canned food product
Founded: 2023
Country of origin: EUCA
Motto: Quick 'n Healthy Heat-Up Meal

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