Hadden Science

Hadden Science is a multinational conglomerate company.

In 1872 a shipping company called Peninsular Shipping and Merchant company (later known as PSM Shipping or PSA for Peninsular Shipping and Anchor company) owned by Patrick Hadden and Jason Ellerman was founded. The company mainly made transit and shipping in Europe and Asia but slowly started to expand to other (new world) territories. In 1884 the company lost several ships with valuable cargo, the ships were called Maritime Genoa (known as the Ugly duckling), SS Liberty and the Brown Oceanic - all the ships went missing within several weeks under strange circumstances and the mystery of their disappearance remains to this day, as well as their precious cargo.

After the ships disappeared, PSM went through big financial troubles and finally in 1885 had merged with Borge-Rieber Shipping (BRS) and formed Hadden-Borge-Rieber (HBR) shipping. HBR shipping slowly restructured its business and with shipping and transportation it started to develop interest in telecommunication, social sciences and technology, having slowly advanced to other fields of expertise. During the WWI HBR was renamed to Hadden-Borge and was one of the more important weapon parts manufacturer as well as textile manufacturer and food preservation technology pioneer. Hadden-Borge produced food canning as a method of preserving food in which the food contents are processed and sealed in an airtight container which completely streamlined the way soldiers in the field use and consume food. In the 1937 the company restructured and Hadden Global was formed, now known as Hadden Science in the United States. During WWII Hadden Science advanced in a number of scientific fields. Since 1950s and 2000s Hadden Science became among the leaders in science, technology and nutrition in the world.


Hadden Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about everything involving human progress. Hadden science is divided into five major grups: natural sciences, social sciences, pseudoscience, fringe science and contemporary science, within that, Hadden Science is also divided into five basic standalone groupations: Hadden Aperture, Hadden Space, Hadden Nutrition, Hadden Technology and Hadden Global.

Hadden Aperture is strongly dedicated to advancement in the field of optics and physics which involves the behavior and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments and subsidiaries that use or detect it.

Hadden Space explores the issues specifically related to space travel and space exploration, including space medicine and survival of human species outside of solar system. The work includes the use of space technology for a broad spectrum of research disciplines, including Earth science, materials science, biology, medicine and physics.

Hadden Nutrition investigates the metabolic and psychological responses of the body to nutrition and food. Hadden nutrition advances in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics to find new forms and types of digestive food and/or food supplements. Important advances and brands within Hadden Nutrition are Dobra Water, Dobra Food, Abrax and its iterations.

Hadden Technology is inventing tools, techniques, crafts, systems, consumer products and other methods of organisation in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose in humanity. Hadden Technology also does research of how social, political and cultural values affect scientific research and technological innovation and how there in turn affect society, politics and culture. Important brands within Hadden Technology are Luxpanwerk, Duramax, Kore, TK, изд техника and others.

Hadden Global does research of social structure made up of individuals (or organisations) which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency; such as friendshop, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, security, surveillance, terrorism prevention, dislike, sexual relationships or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige and modern military advancements.


General info
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Type: Multinational conglomerate
Founded: 1937
Country of origin: United States
Motto: You settle for less, you get less.

Dobra Water
изд техника

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